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White Clouds

White Clouds is the Kickstarter funded short film directed by Andrew T. Barrie and produced by Gary Mazeffa and Paul Curtis. With a running time of 17 minutes, White Clouds was our entry into the 2017 short film festival circuit.

White Clouds is the story of Mark Allen (played by Cody Heckber), a young professional who is struggling to find his identity and purpose in life. He finds his reason through his girlfriend Laney (played by Delaney Hathaway) when even through life’s biggest challenges, she never leaves his side.


White Clouds 

Written/Directed By

Andrew T. Barrie

In Association with Q2 Films

Gary Mazeffa is currently an active film Producer and busy with the creation and development of Q2 Films. The focus of this fulltime endeavor is toward utilizing the beautiful southwest Florida location in Naples as a base for a select number of coming of age shorts. The first one in preproduction is “No Way of Knowing”. Scheduled shooting is slated for in Naples with an anticipated release by the fall of 2021.

The creatives involved in this film

Gary Mazeffa


Paul Curtis

Writer & Director

Andrew Barrie

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