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You are without competition in this space as the film is very different technically than a lot of what's out there. Your voice shines.


Concept really stands out as the strength of this piece as it’s just so layered and thought out. You’ve done an incredible job of infusing every moment of this story with meaning, and it shows. I think my favorite thing about this story is that it’s such an expression of almost a childlike joy which we don’t see very often in film. I think that works to help the story stand out in terms of voice, along with the deeper, more thematic material.


Structurally, the script is nicely paced, and allows us to really get to know the characters as what would seem to be a couple with a huge amount of potential. Its tone is playful, yet there is also a sober notion to it, a bittersweetness that makes the time we spend with them seem precious, somehow. The script explores a number of elements, using the couple as a symbolic gesture, a way to dissect cultural differences and the commonality of what makes us human.

Golden Script Competition