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The primary communication with the brain is in pictures, words, and emotions. Motion pictures speak to us directly carrying metaphors that help interpret life.
Our movies are societal medication. They are reflections of us and us of them. Helping the other to provide context and meaning in this life, and at times on untraveled roads.
Filmmaking is a part of human evolution. It’s a way of speaking to the brain in the language of dreams.
My screenplay is the skeleton of my dreams; aching for actors and cameras to bring it to real life.
We are all storytellers. It’s central to our existence. They help us to believe our lives are meaningful and, at times, make a linear progression out of chaos.
The oldest writings contain a 4000 year story called “Epic of Gilgamesh” emanating from ancient Mesopotamia. It has the same contents as a modern story: A hero goes on a quest for adventure and wisdom, gets captivated by a seductive woman, fights battles, slays the monster (of course), learns some life lessons along with an arc of redemption. You can say that stories are humans’ actual first step towards civilization.

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