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Congratulations on your win Gary!!!
We are thrilled to congratulate you on winning Best Short Screenplay for ‘Asherah’s Colors II’ at the MAGMA film festival in Madrid! Your project is indeed special, and it was wonderful to read about its journey from a ‘Teaser/Trailer Reel’ to its current status.

Your dedication to expanding ‘Asherah’ into a full feature and a TV series is commendable. The storyline of ‘Asherah: A Love Odyssey’ holds great promise, and we are excited about its potential.

On behalf of the script-readers and the jury, I would like to provide some feedback:

– Your script was well-received, earning an average score of 4.1 out of 5. It was noted for being grammatically clean, having a clear conveyance of story, quality dialogue, and originality.
– The story was described as touching and beautiful, well-rounded with romance, and cheesy puns and actions. It was categorized as ‘VERY MAGMA’ indicating it fits perfectly with the action, fantasy, sci-fi, epic, dark, fun, and animation genres we celebrate.
– There was a consensus that the script should be made into a film, and it was considered internally for several categories, including Best Drama, Best Romantic Drama, Best Comedy or Musical, Best Family or Adventure, and Best Original Concept. Finally, landing the ultimate win for Best Short Screenplay!

Overall, ‘Asherah’s Colors II’ was a standout project that impressed everyone involved. Your background and passion for visual art and storytelling, as reflected in your writer’s statement and biography, undoubtedly contributed to the script’s success. The journey of Asherah and Raphael is captivating, and we agree that it would make a fantastic stand-alone feature.

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved win, and thank you for sharing ‘Asherah’s Colors II’ with us. We look forward to seeing the project develop further and wish you the best of luck with post-production and the upcoming AFM in November.

Warm regards,
Ares Sirvent (Festival Director – MAGMA Film Awards)