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Q2 Films®

Our movies are societal medication.
They are reflections of us and us of them.
Helping the other to provide context and meaning in this life, and at times on untraveled roads.

The primary communication with the brain is in pictures, words and emotions. Motion pictures speak to us directly, carrying metaphors that help interpret life.

Filmmaking is a part of human evolution. It’s a way of speaking to the brain in the language of dreams.

My screenplay is the skeleton of my dreams; aching for actors and cameras to bring it to real life.

We are all storytellers. It’s central to our existence. They help us to believe our lives are meaningful and, at times, make a linear progression out of chaos.

White Clouds is the Kickstarter funded short film directed by Andrew T. Barrie and produced by Gary Mazeffa and Paul Curtis. With a running time of 17 minutes, White Clouds was our entry into the 2017 short film festival circuit.

White Clouds

White Clouds is the Kickstarter funded short film directed by Andrew T. Barrie and produced by Gary Mazeffa and Paul Curtis.

White Clouds is the story of Mark Allen (played by Cody Heckber), a young professional who is struggling to find his identity and purpose in life. He finds his reason through his girlfriend Laney (played by Delaney Hathaway) when even through life’s biggest challenges, she never leaves his side.

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Remembering Erik Lowhouse

Our story begins at a time when there was no social media, smartphones, animoji or even avocado toast. It is about a freshman’s mundane life, his call to adventure, blind test, friendly fire, hostile enemies and real redemptions. A hero’s journey if you will. And…one way or the other, we’ve all gone through it. Most have survived.

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Fragile Beauty

Fragile Beauty clearly demonstrates The Kaplans' unique approach of shooting from the point of view of the subject. With Wendy’s background working in the fashion industry and Alan Kaplan’s experience as a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle photographer they wanted to explore the similarities between tribal fashion and adornment with the way we dress and accessorize ourselves in the western world.

There was also the realization on our part that in no way can they be helped to maintain their currently challenged traditions and belief systems by the modern world, as long as they are being looked at as a category, without being made aware of each individual. It was our intention in Fragile Beauty to explore and present the beauty of each individual through our lens and narrative.

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