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Color Production House Alliance

Q2 Films CEO and Executive Producer, Gary Mazeffa states, “Color Production House, an award-winning production company known for pushing creative boundaries in both corporate and narrative spaces, has a strong reputation for delivering exceptional content that ignites imaginations and leaves a lasting impact. Their commitment to quality and innovation has let them team up with ABC, Hulu, Universal Pictures, Mercedes, Dodge-Ram and many other companies. Q2 Films is proud to be aligned with such a strategic partner. We are happy to have Aakash and Team to help catalyze my vision of the Asherah project. I am confident they will support me in creating the work I envision and the scale I have dreamt of.”

“The Asherah Colors II screenplay has received multiple prestigious awards, further cementing its reputation as a captivating and compelling piece of storytelling. The success of this project lies in our collective effort, mutual respect and open communication. Together, we will creative magic on screen and deliver a film that will touch hearts, provoke thoughts, and leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.”

Aakash BakshiColor Production House

Welcome to Team Asherah

  • Co-Director of Photography – Aakash Bakshi
  • Co-Director of Photography – Justen Mann
  • Associate Producer – Anastasia Mirabelle
  • 1st Assistant Camera – Alex Slupski
  • Gafer – Nick Soloranzo
  • Grip – Austin Steele
  • Audio – Dylan Hickox
  • Art Director – Trevis Williams
  • Make-Up – Lillian Geary
  • Production Coordinator – Mairead Geary
  • Production Asst. / Craft – Kenzie Mollock