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Casting Announcement

Q2 Films CEO and Executive Producer, Gary Mazeffa, is pleased that the world- renowned Master Artist Hessam and his wife talented painter and Artist Star, will be playing themselves in Asherah’s Colors. Please join us in this wonderful union of Hessam’s expressionist art, Star’s abstract art and Gary Mazeffa’s impressionist filmmaking.

Preview their work at Fort Lauderdale’s premier gallery – Abra Gallery (Click Here)


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Seeking a society free from the limitations of modern day Iran, Hessam left his home country to expand his knowledge and awareness of the outside, changing world.

Following the great influence of the ancient history that surrounded him as a child, his quest to excel as an artist took him to Italy, one of the historically great epicenters of the art world. He began his higher education in Pietro Vanucci, at the Accademia di Belle Arti and perfected his craft diligently, leading to tens of thousands of private collectors world-wide, over $65 million in sales, hundreds of one-man gallery shows, over 30 international exhibitions, and multiple works in museums.



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Star is a Persian painter and graphic designer living in Los Angeles. Her professional life began as an artist and art director working in advertising. Star is fascinated by the blending of colors, the fluidity and visual pleasure that comes with observing the organic and natural flowing patterns of unique flowers and trees. Her art is filled with color, which reflects her internal joy and her optimistic, positive outlook in life.