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Asherah's Colors

Beyond Superhero Fatigue: Introducing Asherah

According to Forbes, “superhero fatigue” is a phenomenon where audiences reject the genre because they are tired of seeing unfulfilling stories, the same old tropes about rundown characters that lack depth.

Welcome to Asherah’s World!

Her destiny is to usher in a new humanity with a fresh approach toward character arcs and storytelling. She first heard her calling as an orphan child. She saw signs in her dreams, words, and synchronicities meant only for her everywhere she went. But despite the significance of her fate, she denies it. She aims to prepare and contribute to creating and protecting a new world.

Asherah is woven into the fabric of nature. Her spirit has been with us since the birth of creation. She is the feminine divine with valor, chivalry, and humor.

The mythology of the Asherah story follows her from the age of 12 until she reaches her destiny at 28. The screenplay was written in the format of a TV series titled “Asherah: A Love Odyssey.” Her story is the keeper of the source code, and it uses loving relationships as a conduit for emotional engagement and the introduction and development of her noble purpose on earth.

My approach in writing the storyline of Asherah was to take a mythological story and tell it in the ways of the ancients, multilayered and rich in metaphors. Yet, within the context of contemporary style and thought. Welcome to The World of Asherah!

My first “proof of concept” is with a short feature titled “Asherah’s Colors.” At eighteen, we jump into her energy, a sassy-spirited young woman — no need for a backstory. I will address that in later episodes. Teaser attached.

I am auditioning for the TV pilot episode of Asherah: A Love Odyssey. The purpose is to quickly garner audience interest in Asherah’s World and serve as the first of six episodes for Season 1.

I appreciate your interest and would like to meet with you and your associates to explore mutual opportunities.

– Gary Mazeffa, Filmmaker-Writer/Producer