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Welcome to the World of Asherah

When times are darkest, a hero is born.

In Asherah’s Colors, Asherah’s destiny is to usher in a new humanity. She heard her calling first as an orphan child. Everywhere she went, it was there. In dreams, in words, and synchronicities for her eyes only. A fate that she denies because of the significance of it. Her purpose is to prepare and be a part of creating and protecting a new world.

Asherah is woven into the fabric of nature. Her spirit has been with us since the birth of creation. She is feminine divine with valor, chivalry and humor.

The mythology of the Asherah story follows her from the age of 12 until she reaches her destiny at 28. The screenplay was written in the format of a TV series titled: Asherah: A Love Odyssey. Her story is the keeper of the source code and uses loving relationships as a conduit for emotional engagement and the introduction and development of her noble purpose on earth.

My approach in writing the storyline of Asherah was to take a mythological story and tell it in the ways of the ancients, multilayered and rich in metaphors. Yet within the context of a contemporary style and thought. Welcome to The World of Asherah!

Asherah’s Colors

Asherah’s Colors is a narrative short film written to introduce our main protagonist, Asherah. At eighteen, we jump into her energy, a sassy, spirited young woman—no need for a backstory. I will address that in later episodes. She’s out on a first date with Raphael, an exchange student from Italy. Raphael has no car or money and begs Asherah for their first date. Their night out surpasses her expectations, and Raphael’s dreams will live forever.

This short was written and filmed as a proof of concept of the Asherah storyline. I initially aim to present it to interested investors and for eventual entry into domestic and international film festivals. But Asherah’s Colors II screenplay has gained popularity with being the official selection and winning awards in noted screenplay contests. I have decided to turn it into a stand-alone feature and write Acts One and Two with the short serving as Act Three.

I think my favorite thing about this story is that it’s such an expression of almost a childlike joy which we don’t see very often in film. I think that works to help the story stand out in terms of voice, along with the deeper, more thematic material.

- WeScreenplay

Shira was born in Israel and came to live in Florida at age four. She provides the right combinations of skillful acting abilities with a strong woman’s mystique. I am sure you will agree with her unique and outstanding performance in this role.

Official Selection and Award Winner

Proud to announce that “Asherah’s Colors” was the Official Selection and Award Winner … more laurel wreaths from Festigious. Festigious is rated as the top 7 in online Screenplay writing contests.

The script has been fully vetted and received a “Recommend” from the world’s number one screenplay readers’ service, WeScreenPlay, and is on their esteemed Red list with a rating of the top 1% in Concept, top 1% in Dialogue and top 2% Overall of all screenplays read worldwide.

We are bursting with pride to receive this recognition from Festigious and are confident in the success of our film.

awards for asherahs colors
OFFICIAL SELECTION Asherahs Colors - Art Film Awards Competition - 2022
Official Selection - 2023 Scriptwriters & Co International festival Asherahs Colors
Hollywood Just for Shorts Official Selection - Asherahs Colors
Semi-Finalist_Florida Script for Asherahs Colors
Asherahs Colors Quarter Finalist at Scriptwriters & Co 2023
2023-Finalist-SoCal Film Awards - Asherahs colors