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Building Dreams Together

Our movies are societal medication.

They are reflections of us and us of them.

Helping the other to provide context and meaning in this life and at times on untraveled roads.

It all started with my father's Argus C2 35 mm rangefinder camera. At the age of nine, photography captured my imagination and began my lifelong fascination with the art and science of photography and filmmaking.

Gary MazeffaFilm Maker
I had the fortune of experiencing and working within the dramatic changes from light-reactive chemicals to electronic photodetectors, from slides and transparencies to terabytes of storage space and CG.
While pursuing a successful career in business outsourcing and eCommerce, I remained committed to the pursuit of capturing the essence of life through music videos, screenplays, and still photography.

I call my approach to picture production as Impressionist Filmmaking:

  • Unconventional compositions
  • Stronger saturation of colors
  • Film/Movie is story subjective and open to interpretation
  • Softer focus and edges
  • Natural lighting
  • Camera movement independent/unmotivated in relationship to the subject
  • Low wide-angled long takes
  • Describe (rather than interpret) emotions, sensations and impressions of a character
  • Usage of symbolism
  • Existentialist in form but with a backdrop of purpose and meaning to life
  • Instrumental music
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