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The first trilogy of films, Asherah Colors, is scheduled for filming to start on June, 2023

The award-winning screenplay has received comprehensive coverage by Hollywood, California’s leading review service, WeScreenPlay. They recommended the script with the top one percent in dialogue and the top two percent overall of screenplays reviewed worldwide. As a result, it made their coveted Red List.

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I think dialogue is my favorite thing about this script. You have a gift with language, and I love the way you play with words and how specific and meaningful every line is.


Recent Film Trailers

White Clouds

White Clouds is the Kickstarter funded short film directed by Andrew T. Barrie and produced by Gary Mazeffa and Paul Curtis.

High school freshman Wolfy tries to make sense of a classmate's death and his encounters with a pack of seniors.

Remembering Erik Lowhouse

Fragile Beauty

Fragile Beauty clearly demonstrates The Kaplans' unique approach of shooting from the point of view of the subject.

Film Maker

Gary Mazeffa

It all started with my father’s Argus C2 35mm rangefinder camera. At the age of nine, photography captured my imagination, and so began my lifelong fascination with the art and science of photography and film making. I had the good fortune to experience and work within the dramatic film evolution from light-reactive chemicals to electronic photodetectors from slides and transparencies to terabytes of storage space and CG. In my extra time, I have directed music videos, written screenplays, and continued with my still photography. In short, it was my love of visual art and storytelling that drew me to film making early in my life.

After earning an outstanding reputation in business outsourcing and e-commerce, the past several years have been devoted to film making. With this in mind, I launched Q2 Films, LLC in 2017. Beautiful South Florida will be utilized as a base for a select number of coming-of-age, rom-coms shorts and features.

Q2 Films, LLC has produced award-winning shorts and featured movies (such as Seasons, White Clouds, Fragile Beauty, Whisperers and Witnesses, and Remembering Erik Lowhouse).

A trilogy of films/scripts is currently in development. The first offering is titled Asherah’s Colors and is in pre-production. We are targeting June, 2023 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for filming with release anticipated Fall 2023.

Asherah’s Colors is based on an award-winning screenplay and has received extensive coverage by Hollywood’s leading review service WeScreenPlay. They rated the script in the top one percent in dialogue and the top two percent overall.

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